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Individual psychology informed coaches for executives, leaders and managers, performers and athletes.

We draw on our coaching skills and experience, as well as our extensive training as Clinical Psychologists, and are uniquely placed as Executive Coaches. With our expert knowledge of psychology, neuro-biology and human behaviour, we support you with evidence based, psychologically informed coaching. We are able to skillfully equip you with the tools to overcome the self-limiting blocks that may have originated from a past event or an early life experience, to move into a place of confident thriving at home and at work. 

We work with people who want to live a balanced life and achieve their professional and personal goals. We help high achieving perfectionists, people pleasers and ‘imposters’ overcome imposter syndrome and intense anxiety, address health issues and create healthy boundaries, so that they can enjoy their success without burning out.

  • Do you struggle with self limiting beliefs?
  • Do you find it hard to say no because you worry about what friends or colleagues will think of you if you do?
  • Are you working long hours for little gain?
  • Are you stuck on a spinning wheel of trying to prove yourself, jeopardising your health, relationships and enjoyment of life?
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The benefits you will gain include

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced anxiety and overwhelm
  • Find an internal sense of calm and balance
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase resourcefulness and resilience
  • Learn effective ways to connect and communicate with your team, colleagues or personal relationships
  • Improve awareness and connection with yourself
  • Reduce stress related illness such as migraines, digestive complaints and sleep disturbance
  • Boost confidence and self worth.
Work with us, we’ll show you how!

We understand the impact perfectionism, and self-limiting beliefs can have. We’ve been there too! It is time for you to prioritise time for yourself to grip this once and for all, so that it can stop holding you back. That doesn’t mean, adjusting your goals and ambition, it means learning how to make your skills work better for you, so that you can work smarter not harder. Learn how to achieve, not burn out, and most importantly how to enjoy those successes and achievements!

If this is your truth right now, then our proven evidenced based signature system ‘THRIVE’ is exactly what you need. We will use our EMDR informed coaching system to work together and overcome your blocks so that you can focus on what matters and get things done.

EMDR is much more than just a trauma therapy and increasingly it is used in the coaching space to move clients forward towards improved performance and helping you to reach your potential. EMDR informed coaching uses this evidence based treatment model alongside sound coaching frameworks and practices to support clients in achieving change both in their professional and personal lives. 

EMDR informed coaching is goal focused and creates long term change in the areas of your work or personal life that are holding you back. 

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Ways to work with us

  • 1:1 Coaching at flexible times to suit your busy schedule 
  • 1:1 Packages of coaching (6 in total) to focus on a particular goal, event or project (an interview, performance, race, project deadline, or a public speaking event etc).
  • Monthly Coaching group harnessing the power and growth found in a group format. This group program keeps you accountable for change, supports implementation and moves you from burnout to growth. 


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