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Dr Lisa Ahmad is an accredited EMDR Practitioner and uses EMDR as her main model in supervision, therapy, and coaching practice. She completed her EMDR training in 2009 and has been using it in her clinical practice ever since. Dr Lisa Ahmad offers EMDR Supervision to clinicians from a variety of mental health professional backgrounds, including Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, GPs and Nurses. 

Dr Lisa Ahmad offers high quality supervision to individuals and groups working with a broad range of adult client groups, to help you grow your confidence and skills in using EMDR effectively. Her supervisees work in both the NHS and private sector, across the UK, as well as in overseas Mental Health Teams, and have a varying range of EMDR experience already under their belts.

Supervision is provided online or in person, depending on location, on a one to one basis or in small groups.

If you have completed all or part of your basic training and would like to build your confidence and skills working with this model, then get in touch. EMDR is one of those models that if you don’t use it, you lose it! 

Even if it’s been some time since your training and you feel you have not used it as much as you would have liked, get in touch, Dr Lisa Ahmad can reignite your excitement for using it with clients again!!

1:1 supervision


Ready to work together?

Group supervision Monthly Package

This is a monthly supervision group of three to four clinicians, designed to enable you to really build and grow your EMDR skills. Dr Lisa likes to keep groups small to allow for enough time for everyone to discuss cases or questions, and so that they can leave the session feeling that they have more clarity and a plan to move forward with ideas and skills to try.

In addition to the monthly group, she also offers you access to her closed Facebook group, where you can get support from other supervision colleagues, and access to us in between supervision sessions if needed. Dr Lisa also shares regular lives and Q&A's on EMDR topics, techniques and flexible ways of working with your clients.

This is a 6 month minimum commitment group to ensure the confidentiality and safety of each group, and to make sure that you are able to get the most out of it.

This is offered at £100 per month.

Let's Work Together

EMDR Informed Coaching

EMDR is such a fantastic model and can be used successfully in the coaching space. EMDR informed coaching can support your clients to overcome the blocks that are holding them back by addressing the self-limiting beliefs and past experiences that are preventing them from moving forward towards their goals. 

Using EMDR in this way can support clients with performance limitations at work, on the stage or track, or even in relationships. Whatever the goal, EMDR informed coaching offers effective and long-lasting change.

EMDR Informed Coaching Supervision £135.00

To register for the next EMDR informed coaching webinar, get in touch via our contact form.

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