If you want your school to thrive, it starts with you and your team.

We offer unique support for schools that holds the wellbeing of the staff team and the children at its centre. We can help you to feel more in control and more able to stay connected with children and parents, so that they also build strong support networks and thriving school communities.

Is your school community ready for a change?


We know that the demands of the classroom can be intense. And the last few years, they're even more challenging than ever.


We  understand that and can support you in building a psychologically informed school community where everyone can flourish - one that's focused on your psychological wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the children you teach.

Our services include reflective space for staff teams, workshops, training, and individual and team support.


It's focused on strengthening resilience and reconnecting with the love of teaching that brought you into this profession in the first place.

We believe that your educational community has the power to transform lives. We're here to help you take care of your team, so you can take care of your students.

Whether it's finding a place to talk through the challenges of teaching as a team, learning new techniques for building resilience in students who need extra support, or reconnecting with the love you have for teaching, Dr Lisa Ahmad help you build a thriving school that empowers every single person who walks through its doors.

Our mission is simple: we want you to be able to do what you love best in your role, whether it's teaching kids or managing staff.


And we know that when you're able to do that, everyone around you benefits as well.