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We know how hard it has been for you to get here. But finding your way here is the start to change. It’s been stormy, and we understand that you are overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling to know where to turn or what to do. 

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Perhaps it is a life event that has turned everything upside down for you, maybe it is lots of experiences? Perhaps it is relationships that you struggle with?

We feel strongly that you did not come into the world feeling intense anxiety or distress, rather it’s what happened in your life that has shaped how you feel, think and cope with difficulties today. We believe that you are able to heal from the experiences you have had and we can guide and support you through that process. Together. 

With your expert knowledge of yourself, and our expertise in psychology, neurobiology, and human experience, we will be a team, working together and creating the right conditions and safety for you to heal and recover. 

Whatever the root of your intense anxiety and overwhelm, we can figure it out together. No more just trying to get through and survive. It’s enough now. Getting here, to this website today is the start of change. Time to put the past where it belongs, heal from the wounds and painful experiences, and move forward towards internal balance and calm, and a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful.

EMDR is a highly effective evidence based treatment to treat a range of difficulties including feelings of intense anxiety and symptoms of trauma and distress. Find out more about EMDR and how we can help you put your past in the past.

Are you ready and want to get started?

Let’s do it, get In touch to arrange an appointment.

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