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Providing free EMDR therapy to veterans, current serving personnel, spouses and families affected by trauma.

Dr Lisa Ahmad is the co-founder of this not for profit company, along with Lt Col Tariq Ahmad, Senior Medical Officer, Royal Army Medical Corps. As part of a currently serving military family with the Armed Forces, Lisa has seen and experienced first hand the impact that service can have on serving personnel and their families. She is skilled in assessing trauma and PTSD as well as Complex PTSD and has treated many serving soldiers as well as veterans in her private practice with success.

Invisible wounds is a service offering FREE online and in person (location dependant) EMDR trauma treatment for veterans and current serving personnel affected by trauma and PTSD. Lisa understands how hard it can be to talk about what is going on, and to even find the words or know where to start. This can be even harder when you have been, or are still in, a culture of "dry your eyes" and get on with it. Lisa understands this and can support you with effective treatment to help you recover. It's not your fault or a sign of weakness. This is about what has happened to you. Working with Lisa can help you move towards a better way of feeling, thinking and living. 

Our service also offers confidential support and treatment to the spouses and families of veterans and serving personnel, who are affected by trauma in their own right and who are supporting a spouse or family member who is experiencing PTSD. As a military spouse, Lisa completely gets the impact of this way of life. The constant moves, the uncertainty, the loneliness and isolation and the trauma involved feels constant and endless. If you are struggling to cope, we can support you.

We offer treatment, stabilisation and psycho-education by trained EMDR clinicians, on an individual 1:1 basis or group format. Our service is confidential and safe.

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